Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki ch67 [END]

I’m not a man of big words. We’re done. This time for real unless the guy who wrote this decides to do another volume.

Big shoutout to S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I still try out new ways to effectively type your name.


Dunno what I’ll do next.
Big thanks to all my typesetters thoughout the year and a half it took us to complete 2/3rds of the manga.

Big shoutout to Ojiro Makoto, you should really check out Katekin! and consider buying his stuff on for instance honto.jp

Or in Akihabara if you get a chance. Everywhere is fine.
I did my duty and bought them all, last two volumes even via import.

But if you just download it, that should be fine as well.