Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki vol7 omake

Some kind soul reminded me that the omake pages had been scanned, and there are even minor parts to translate.

The bunch of Kanji are the credits, and since nobody ever reads those in the english versions, I won’t bother trying to translate a bunch of japanese names which will fail anyways.

But yeah, here’s that. Expect more in May!



Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki ch57

Remember when we did like 2-3 releases a day and then went on hiatus for months?

Will totally happen again until I get my RAWs to Volume 8 somewhere.
Then again I can just begin scripting somewhen the next two weeks, because I already ordered the tank.

Anyways, enjoy these next chapters, they’re kind of the climax of what this series is and promises to be.



Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki ch56

A fine gentleanon by the name of Shoko Asahara was so kind to offer his/her typesetting prowess and valuable time to bring you the last four chapters of Volume 7.


You guys know where the hate mail goes to.
If you want to help me get to everyone who wanted this, spread it on the 4chins or whereever people talk about these kind of releases.

I’ll be back soon-ish for more, the scripts are re-done and fairly small – the last chapter isn’t even 1KB.


Shit’s fucked, but I’m not dead

I’ll make this short and sweet:

  • I didn’t release for a longer time because I lost contact to my typesetters, that much isn’t new
  • Late November, I got the news that „lol u workless now“. Which implies a lot of other changes to my life as well, which need(ed) sorting out

And today I wanted to get my ass up and try to get into typesetting myself, only to find out that both of the done scripts, c56 and c57, were on cock.li’s mailservers. Which famously got busted by german authorities, with HDDs confiscated.

So those scripts lie with Patrick now, whose E-Mail I also lost – guess I’ll just have to redo them this week to get on with it. It all depends on how much time I can make free for it.

Well, that’s about all for that. Next release will be „soon“ish for a while, I’m really sorry for that.